AntiVirus And Why You Need It

cat1post4Being a frequent PC user, you must have experienced getting into trouble with a software system that is infected with virus. If you have not yet, you will probably do in the future. This cannot be avoided unless you have the best computer virus protection installed in your system. With internet access, come the higher possibilities of your computer contracting harmfulContinue reading

Identity Theft – A Clear And Present Danger

cat3post6Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S.  The U.S. Secret Service has estimated that consumers nationwide lose $745 million to identity theft each year.  According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the average victim spends 607 hours and averages $1,000 just to clear their credit records.

Identity thieves employ a variety of methods to gain access toContinue reading

About Encryption and Making Your System Secure

cat3post5Encryption and cryptographic software has been used in many different ways to make systems more secure. ; This article discusses a few ways that such software can make your system more secure.

There are many more programs out there that will help, but these programs are good and a good place to start as any. They have the added benefit of bothContinue reading

Phishing For Your Identity

cat3post4Who hasnt received an email directing them to visit a familiar website where they are being asked to update their personal informationThe website needs you to verify or update your passwords, credit card numbers, social security number, or even your bank account number. ; You recognize the business name as one that youve conducted business with in the past. ; So, youContinue reading

The Threats Of A Keylogger Program

cat3post3A keylogger is a program that runs in your computers background secretly recording all your keystrokes. Once your keystrokes are logged, they are hidden away for later retrieval by the attacker. The attacker then carefully reviews the information in hopes of finding passwords or other information that would prove useful to them. ; For example, a keylogger can easily obtain confidential emailsContinue reading

Trojan Horse….Greek Myth or Computer Nemesis?

cat3post2We have all heard the term Trojan Horse, but what exactly is itA Trojan Horse is a destructive program that masquerades as a harmless application. Unlike viruses, Trojan Horses do not replicate themselves, but they can be just as destructive. One of the most dangerous examples of a Trojan is a program that promises to rid your computer of virusesContinue reading

What Are Intrusion Detection Systems

cat3post1Intrusion Detection System (IDS) are a necessary part of any strategy for enterprise security. What are Intrusion Detection systemsCERIAS, The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security, defines it this way:

"The purpose of an intrusion detection system (or IDS) is to detect unauthorized access or misuse of a computer system. Intrusion detection systems are kindContinue reading